How to avoid and heal a burnout

What is burnout?

We are currently immersed in a hustle culture that makes us take on more and more responsibilities at our schools, universities, and jobs. Young people are increasingly more overworked and more stressed as they strive to succeed. That breaking point where we just can’t keep up with our over-booked schedules is when we risk a burnout, which has become prevalent among millennial employees and GenZ students .

A burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and constant stress. It happens when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet your obligations. Then, as the stress keeps growing, you begin to lose interest and motivation.

avoid a burnout

How to avoid / get over a burnout?

Taking a long vacation can be a well needed break from work and help offset a burnout. But if you come back to the same emotionally draining and physically exhausting work routine, chances are you might fall right back in the hustle culture trap.

Research suggests that daily recovery efforts are more important than waiting for the weekend or a vacation. Here are some important ways in which you can adapt your daily routine to prevent and to truly heal a burnout.

Separate work and off time – say no to multitasking

Although you might feel like you are being more productive and getting more things done by multitasking, you are most probably taking more time overall to complete the tasks. On top of that, multitasking can very easily lead to the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Separate work and off time

Do yourself a favor and keep your work-related notifications off when you come home. It is important to compartmentalize so your mind feels like there is a safe space free of stress interference (aka any teams message or incoming email from your boss).

Invest in rejuvenation

Invest time in your physical and mental wellbeing and practice self-care everyday. Enjoy a relaxing night-time face routine, decompress with 10 minutes of meditation or go for a 15 minute walk outside with your favorite music.

Take a brain break every day

When you feel like you are being unproductive and drained, take a brain break (yes you can afford to take a 1h break) and do something that makes you happy!

You will come back mentally recharged and ready to get back on the grind with more motivation and ideas.

These brain breaks can include downtime activities (watching a tv show, taking a shower…), social activities (getting a good laugh with a friend, talking to your parents, annoying your siblings…) and physical activities.

Reading is good for you